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There are a lot of exciting things you can discover in Bremen – for example tiny houses in the narrow lanes of the old Schnoor quarter, a town hall which was built more than 600 years ago and the legendary Roland statue. Come with me on an entertaining journey while walking through the historical city centre or while driving through Bremen in your tour bus. You will learn a lot of interesting and funny things about the history and the contemporary life of the city.

You can book the following offerings for groups (maximally 25 persons in each group):

The prices are valid from Monday until Saturday until 8.00 o'clock pm. For tours that start at 8.00 o'clock pm or later you have to pay an extra charge of 20,00 Euro. For tours on Sunday and holidays you have to pay an extra charge of 35,00 Euro.

Tour through the historical city centre

During this walking tour I will show you the market square, the Böttcherstraße and the Schnoor quarter with its tiny houses. You will learn about the history of Bremen as a medieval bishop’s seat and see the most important sights of the city.

Length: approx. 2 hours

Price for the group: 105,00 Euro


Tasty Bremen – a culinary guided tour

You would like to see the most important and most beautiful things of the city centre and taste some of the popular Bremen stuff? During this tour you will get some samples of typical Bremen specialties (sweets) like “Kluten” or “Kaffeebrot” and of course some information in detail about of what you are eating.

Length: approx. 2 hours

Price for the group: 160,00 Euro (sweets are included)

Fairytales and legends of Bremen

Almost everybody knows them: the Bremen town musicians. At the beginning of the 19th century the Brothers Grimm published the story ot the four world-famous animals for the first time in the popular Children's and Household tales. But what is behind the fairytale? And where do you find the town musicians in the townscape. Enjoy the magical search for traces in the old city centre and learn about moreover spooky and enchanting legends and stories from the old Hanseatic city. Every guest will get two little culinary surprises (sweets).

Length:  approx. 2 hours

Price for the group: 145,00 Euro

Is it true or a lie? – A very special guided tour

Do you want to learn about Bremen in a very special and unusual way? Then you should book this tour! During an entertaining walk through the historical city centre you will listen to funny anecdotes and interesting facts about the history and daily life of the city. What is special: inbetween your guide will tell you some lies.

Procedure: At the beginning of the tour every guest receives a sheet of paper. During the tour various stories are told and the guests have to mark on the paper if they think it is true or a lie. At the end of the tour the guide will resolve the answers.

Length: approx. 2,5 hours

Price for the Group: 145,00 Euro

About decaffeinated coffee and the cult of Germanic peoples – Ludwig Roselius and his Böttcherstraße in Bremen

What has the first decaffeinated coffee to do with art? And why did a small street where the craftsmen used to live in the Middle Ages cause such a sensation in the 1920s? During this tour you will learn in detail about the history of the unique Böttcherstraße.

Length: approx. 1 hour

Price for the group: 65,00 Euro (You can visit the “Himmelssaal” during the tour after arrangement. For that an extra charge is required.)


The charming Schnoor quarter

Come with me on a journey into the past. In the Middle Ages the craftsmen and the fishermen used to live in the Schnoor quarter. Nowadays the tiny and crooked houses in the narrow lanes invite you to stay for a while. During the tour you can listen to witty anecdotes and discover some beautiful and hidden places.

Length: approx. 1 hour

Price for the group: 65,00 Euro


Sightseeing tour*

With pleasure I come to you into your tour bus and show you Bremen while driving. You will see the old port area where a new district – the Überseestadt – is getting developed, the area of the University and the technology park, the beautiful Bremen town houses in Schwachhausen and the most colourful district of Bremen: the “Viertel”.

Length: approx. 2 hour

Price for the group: 95,00 Euro

*You need your own tour bus and a bus driver for this offering.


Dates and meeting point for the tours upon consultation


Guided tour through the Bremen town hall

During this tour you can visit some of the rooms inside the Bremen town hall that is more than 600 years old in parts. Together with the Roland statue at the market square it is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. You can see for example the ball room and the upper room of the old town hall where the councilors met for law court in the Middle Ages.

Length: approx. 1 hour

Price for the group: 110,00 Euro. At the weekend you have to book an extra security person for groups with more than 15 persons for 65,00 Euro.


Your individual tour

You could’t find an appropriate offering? No problem! I'd be glad to arrange an individual tour for you according to your wishes.

Length and price upon consultation


I look forward to  welcoming you in Bremen!



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